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Custom Made collection

Custom Made collection in Marble and Tile West Los Angeles

We present today’s most exciting contemporary designs and newest material from around the world with a dazzling joy of pattern, color, texture in natural limestone, travertine, Quartz and marble both in honed or polished.  Whether you are doing a bathroom, kitchen backsplash, pool, fountain, bar, commercial or residential, casual, historical, contemporary, we are here to consult.  MTUSA is proud to present a complete collection of glass and stone for custom mosaic or water jet projects.  Choose your pattern, choose your stone and or glass and choose the finish and we will take care of the rest.  Also, you can choose your pattern either from our vast collection  of designs or bring your own Medallion, Border, Pattern, Deco, Artistic Mosaics in distinctive modern patterns.


Glass in Marble and Tile West Los Angeles

Glass has been used in mosaic form as early as 2500BC., but it took until the 3rd Century BC before innovative artisans in Greece, Persia and India created glass tiles.  Since the 1990’s modern glass tile technology has resulted in resurgence of interest in glass tiles for wall, floor and backsplash.  It is now commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, spas, pools, residential & commercial projects.  We carry Glass slabs in pure white, Custom made glass, Opaque glass, Byzantine, Green glass, Recycled glass, Glass tiles for pool, Imported glass, Glass floor tiles, Basket weave glass, Tiffany glass, Stained glass, Empire and Artistic glass, Royal glass, Water jet glass, Glass mosaics, Glass & Metal, Hermitage glass, Arabesque glass, Metallic glass, Pinstripe, Mesh mounted glass, Large & Small glass, Monet, Kimono, Revival, Gatsby, Circles, Vivid, Decorative, Chevron, Marrakesh, Herringbone, Art Deco, Diamond, Leaves, Butterflies, Rainbow, Stacked, Molten glass, Accent glass, Imported glass, Fused glass, Mixed up mosaic glass, Brick Mosaics, Interlocking glass, Diamond Series, Glass forms, 3D Glass, Iceberg Glass, Aqua stone, Crossover, Passion, Bamboo Lux, ArchLuxe, Glass shell, Rectangular Field glass, Square Field glass, Blossom & Butterfly, Bamboo Lux, Arch Lux.