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Marble and Tile USA

Artistic Tile Mississippi Moire Ice White Mosaic

Artistic Tile Mississippi Moire Ice White Mosaic

Based upon the textile pattern known for its subtle ripples of tonal shading, Moire, often called the “watered textile,” is traditionally achieved by pressing two damp fabric layers with a pattern-engraved roller, resulting in a unique, wavy texture. Mississippi Moire arranges hand cut pieces of Jazz Glass in a meticulous staggered repeat. This closely spaced yet imperfectly aligned arrangement creates a mesmerizing, watercolor effect, in a visual allusion to the classic moire fabric treatment. Available in two exquisite color combinations, Pink Lady and Ice White, Mississippi Moire transforms into an all-over mosaic with seamless interlocking sheets.


Gloss Glass


Interior Walls, Shower Walls (Including Steam), Exterior Walls (Non-Freeze Thaw)


21 3/4" X 24" X 1/8"

Care Instructions

Can Be Cleaned With Aquamix Concentrated Cleaner

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