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Artistic Tile Ombre Marble Mosaic Stone

Artistic Tile Ombre Marble Mosaic Stone

Ombré Stone arranges a host of classic and beautiful marbles into a cascading wave, sweeping through the legendary stones. Each stone is polished for a consistent finish. Extenders are offered in Thassos and China Black, to elongate either end of the Ombré range. Ombré Lilac also begins with Thassos and Bianco Dolomiti, then sweeps into Lilac marble, from soft veins against white to deep purple, all polished. The Thassos extender modulates with Ombré Lilac as well. The design possibilities offered by stone Ombré and its extenders are extraordinary, and promise outstanding results.


Polished Stone


Interior Floors (Commercial Light/Medium), Interior Walls, Shower Walls (Including Steam), Shower Floors (Including Steam), Exterior Walls (Non-Freeze Thaw), Fireplace Surround, Countertop


Ombre Mosaic: 20" X 6 7/16" X 3/8"

Ombre Extender: 10" X 6 7/16" X 3/8"

Care Instructions

Can Be Cleaned With Aquamix Concentrated Cleaner

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