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Checkerboard Lunar Grey & Asian Statuary Marble Tile

Checkerboard Lunar Grey & Asian Statuary Marble Tile

Transform your space with our Checkerboard Lunar Grey & Asian Statuary Marble Tile. The 12" x 12" checkerboard pattern, available in a polished or honed finish, creates a luxurious and sophisticated look. Elevate your floors & walls with this exquisite tile. 639




Interior Walls, Interior Floors


12" x 12"

Care Instructions

To protect stone floors, walls and counters, we recommend using a penetrating sealer such as MP90/MP90 Eco Plus. You must take care to avoid cleaning natural stone with harsh or abrasive cleaners, especially those that contain phosphoric ACID or glycolic acids. Be aware that acidic materials such as vinegar, and lemon juice can etch some stone surfaces such as some of the softer limestones.

For maintenance, we recommend FilaCleaner for our tumbled stones and MOSAICS and brushed and honed products. An occasional deep cleaning may be required to restore and maintain the stone’s natural PATINA. Please consult with our sales staff for recommendations.

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