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Fez Triangle Zellige Tile in White

Fez Triangle Zellige Tile in White

Discover the timeless charm of The Fez Collection. Featuring an exquisite Zellige triangle tile, available in a stunning glossy finish. Elevate your interior design with these handcrafted wall tiles, meticulously crafted to bring Moroccan-inspired elegance to any space. The Fez Collection captures the essence of tradition and artistry, blending the allure of triangle patterns with the warmth of terracotta. Create a captivating visual statement in your home or commercial project with these versatile and distinctive tiles. Explore the beauty of craftsmanship and transform your walls with The Fez Collection today. 152


Glossy Zellige Terracotta




9” x 11.75”

Care Instructions

Common household spills are easy to clean with use of a mop, warm water, and a pH neutral cleaner. Acid-based cleaners and harsh chemicals should not be used.

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