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Artistic Tile Moon Cosmati WJ Mosaic

Artistic Tile Moon Cosmati WJ Mosaic

Made in-house by Artistic Tile’s artisans minutes from midtown Manhattan, the Made in America Tailored To Collection is highly customizable to your unique requirements. In the Middle Ages, several generations of a family of stone artisans designed and installed a series of astounding mosaic floors all over Europe. Known as the Cosmati, their dazzling, polychromatic creations are among the most important examples of mosaic work, and remain striking to this day. Moon Cosmati is composed of bisected circles of rich veined stones in a complex pattern. Presented in two colorways: Dark Multi and Light Multi, and fully customizable through our Tailored To program.


Mixed Finish Stone


Interior Floors (Commercial Light/Medium), Interior Walls, Shower Walls (Including Steam), Countertop (Bathroom Only)


11 1/2" X 11 1/2" X 3/8"

Care Instructions

Can Be Cleaned With Aquamix Concentrated Cleaner

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