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Raster Grid M Porcelain Tile in Ash

Raster Grid M Porcelain Tile in Ash

Transform your space with Raster Grid M Porcelain Tile. This luxurious floor and wall tile boasts a sleek porcelain body, perfect for creating a timeless and sophisticated look. Combine with other sizes from the collection for a truly elegant and exclusive design. 154


Matte Porcelain


Interior & Exterior Floors, Interior & Exterior Walls, Shower Walls & Floors


6" x 6"

Care Instructions

Once the materials have been fitted, it is advisable to remove any remaining adhesive and grouting material by using a commercial descaling product designed especially, diluted with water. The descaling product must not remain in contact with the surface to be cleaned for more than 5 minutes.

As a general guideline, powder detergents should not be
used, not wire wool or abrasive materials. Generally a sponge will be sufficient with warm water and liquid neutral soap. Then rinse with plenty of clean water.

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