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Stellar Mensa European Oak Hardwood Flooring

Stellar Mensa European Oak Hardwood Flooring

Our Mensa floors feature prestigious European Oak, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication into your home. It's soft, neutral colors make it an excellent choice for pairing well with many modern home decor options to create a relaxing ambiance. 619-403


Engineered Wire Brushed European Oak


Construction :Oak
Color Tone: Light
Grade: ABCD
Finish: UV Lacquer
Gloss: Semi-Gloss
Edge: 4-sided hand chiseled bevel
Installation Type: Floating, Glue Down & Nail Down
Moldings: Flush Stairnose, T-Moldings, Reducer, and End Cap. (Quarter Round Special Order)


9/16” x 7 1⁄2” x 72" RL
(4mm top layer)

Care Instructions

To keep dirt and grit from building up and possibly damaging the floor, vacuum or sweep regularly
• Do not use the beater brush on the vacuum.
• Placing throw rugs by entries can help collect debris from spreading onto your floor and scratching it.
• Clean up spills immediately
• Never wet mop or flood the floor with water or use steam mops
• We recommend using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner on your wood floor. Follow Bona’s instructions when using the product.
• Never apply wax or oil based products (Murphy’s oil soap) as they may cloud finish
• Place felt floor protectors on all furniture and casters are clean. This will help prevent scratching.
• Remove spike heeled shoes. These often lose the rubber tip exposing the nail and could scratch the wood. They also exert a great deal of pressure per square inch increasing the chance of dents.
• Use a humidifier. Winter can cause extra wear to your hardwood floors. Using a humidifier throughout the winter months can help to minimize this.

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